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You don't have to do it alone.

I'm here.~


Debbie Jayne is a Certified Professional Coach, an experienced Mental Health Peer Support Specialist and Mentor. As the Founder of FromWrecked2WARRIOR , her is on focus depression, self-compassion, and personal-empowerment. She created FromWrecked2WARRIOR as a self-empowerment program, which quickly was adopted as a lifestyle.


She discovered that the philosophies and lessons she'd been writing about, always seemed to provide her with an added sense of power whenever life became too overwhelming. She intentionally turned to her notes any time she found herself battling depression and anxiety alike. 


Her workshops blend mindfulness training, sensory exploration, therapeutic recreation, and daily practice activities through tools and strategies designed specifically for personal and professional growth and development.

This lifestyle understands that: Awareness + Intention + Action = Success, and provides an arsenal of helpful tools, tips, tricks, activities, and practices to get almost anything accomplished.


Goal-oriented sessions are designed to aid in self-discovery, while practicing gratitude, self-awareness, self-control and boundary-limitations.

Debbie Jayne has created workshops for both professional and relaxed settings. These stress-awareness sessions are designed to prevent compassion-fatigue and burnout, as well as provide health and wellness hacks to help minimize time off for illness.

Sessions promote equality by welcoming diversity, allowing for everyone’s personal experiences to be valued and mutually respected in a safe, confidential, and encouraging environment.


FromWrecked2WARRIOR promotes empowerment and self-reliance through Cognitive Behavioral & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mindfulness training, sensory exploration, therapeutic recreation, and daily practice activities & exercises.


  • FromWrecked2WARRIOR  Podcast

  • FromWrecked2WARRIOR  Guidebook

  • 365 Gratitude Day Project: @1DebbieJayne: Instagram

  • Project-12: @FromWrecked2WARRIOR : Instagram, Youtube, Facebook


  • FromWrecked2WARRIOR  Workshops & Retreats

  • 365 Inspirational Card Deck

  • Motivational Book via Instagram 365 Gratitude Project

  • WARRIOR  Wellness Game App for Android & iPhones (app developer needed)

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