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“Happiness isn't about satisfying what you're without, but instead about fulfilling who you are within."   -DebbieJayne, CPC


FromWrecked2WARRIOR empowers those battling depression in becoming the WARRIORS they’ve been in search of.


Through my personal experience, trauma, and recovery, my purpose is to facilitate a safe space where a prescription is not on the agenda. Instead the focus is on an individuals’ empowerment and autonomy. 


FromWrecked2WARRIOR aims to spread the wealth of health and integrative wellness by creating a training course certifying skillful peer transformation coaches.


FromWrecked2WARRIOR teaches integrative health and wellness for the sake of self-compassion and self-sustainability through mindfulness, integrity, and respect.


Do it like a WARRIOR with Intention, Direction, and Follow-Through.


I breathe to get myself still.

I find power in silence.

I discover, uncover, and recover my truest self.

With intention, direction, and follow-through,

  I become what I seek.



My Heart

My Message to You

My Mind

My Experience


“I have not come this far, to only come this far.” Unknown


… And having come this far, there is no way I’m giving up now! I will continue to be the fire that tries to consume me. After all, those who've experienced the most darkness have the potential for the brightest light.

I had a bit of a rough start in life. Having survived the daily childhood trauma of psychological & emotional abuse until moving out at age 15, I found myself in a clinical depression lasting over a decade. Due to accompanying diagnoses of anxiety, fibromyalgia, and ADHD, I had become fairly reclusive and began participating in many self-destructive behaviors. 


I’d see one counselor after another, but venting was never enough. I was on medication with side effects so severe that oftentimes it made me feel worse than I ever did without them. I knew that I needed help and was always proactively seeking it. I wanted to learn how to manage my stress and deal with my depression. I needed guidance to learn coping strategies so I could create a solid foundation for myself, instead of continuously building on unsteady ground. At one point, I’d gotten to such a low place that financially I could no longer afford assistance of any kind.


I had a lot of negative emotions and unproductive activity. My mind was thirsty for the wisdom I didn’t yet possess. My heart was starved for the kind of love I hadn’t yet received, and the essence of who I was had become virtually extinguished. I was full of anger and resentment because no one prepared me with the tools I needed to live successfully. I was frustrated with where I was in life and felt guilty for feeling broken. 


Eventually, I hit my rock bottom and I knew that I had two choices. I could either claw my way out of the burial plot I’d been digging for myself or have my family prepare for my funeral. And although the depression and self-destructive mentalities of my past had stolen over a decade of my life, I absolutely refused to let it take any more of it. 


Despite a few new diagnoses, one of which was Meniere’s Disease, I absorbed as much knowledge as I could, got back into school, and started putting much of my attention and energy towards becoming the best version of myself. 


Having completed three years towards a BA in Psychology, I decided to take my education into my own hands and read one book after the next, following the modalities I was learning. I learned about self-control, minimizing self-harm through awareness and gratitude, the importance of boundaries, vital tips in communication, studied body language and micro expressions, and discovered the parts of me I never had access to before.


I eventually developed coping strategies to wean myself off the harsh and dangerous medications I’d been put on, developed better health habits, and found happiness and peace through self-awareness, therapeutic recreation, & gratitude exercises. Slowly I began reprogramming & reconditioning my behaviors, my thoughts, and my responses.


With previous educational experience, personal experience, and my desire to help others, I designed a wellness program which ultimately saved my life and that is more a lifestyle than a program. I rediscovered my light by learning strategies based on personal habits and creating systems around stopping negative behaviors. And now, I want to help you find yours.


Guiding others towards their happiness is what keeps me going! Helping others has always allowed me to find the clarity I’ve needed to help myself. 


Together, we’ll tailor a stress-reduction plan for optimal health through integrating daily wellness habits, coping strategies and daily practices through nutrition, organic living, and alternative health solutions in order to nurture and balance your mind, body, & spirit.


Our plan of action will be about taking steps towards a happier and more successful you. Please contact me so we can begin your transformation through your WARRIOR-synthesis.


Through Peace, Love, and Light, 
-Debbie Jayne


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