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The best time for WARRIOR Wellness is right now. With that, I decided to create Project-12 to help us all stay accountable for who we want to be. It is my desire to invest in others by teaching ways one can invest in themselves.


In attempt to empower and motivate myself, as well as with the hope of inspiring those seeking direction, I decided to launch a project at the start of the new year. Each month I share an audio blog entry of a WARRIOR's perspective on surviving life's battles with direction, intention, and follow-through. I want my life's struggles to have as much worth as possible, so I share content consisting of what I've learned and what I have to teach. I just feel that sometimes we just need a simple reminder of what we already know.


You can check out audio clips by following me on Instagram and Facebook under @FromWrecked2WARRIOR.

Peace, Love, and Light


Do it like a WARRIOR

-with Intention, Direction, and Follow-Through

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