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Event Photography, Production, & Resource Advising

noun [foh-kuhs-aw-gruh-fee]

Definition of FOCUSOGRAPHY™:

The idea of bringing photography, social networking and community together to market and promote the music and art scene (currently just in Austin, Texas).

FOCUSOGRAPHY™ offers Event Photography, Event Production Assistance, Style & Resource Consulting, and Personalized Multimedia Art, while participating in non-profit fundraisers, community events, social VIP events, festivals and more... 

If you're interested in my work and would like a quote, please feel free to send your request and include: type of event, date, time frame, location/venue, and any pertinent information needed.


I look forward to working together!



$150/HR: Event Photography

$125/HR: Event Production & Resource Consulting

$75/45 mins: Tips Tools, and Tricks of the
Event Photography Business

*COVID & Travel Expenses may apply.

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